What To Bring

Bible, Notebook
Pens, Stamps, Paper, Envelopes for letter writing home
Twin Sheets, Blankets, and Pillow for Twin Bunk Bed
Work Boots, Flip Flops, and Sneakers or Running Shoes
T-Shirts (7) NO TANKTOPS (No non-Christian or offensive logos allowed), Collared shirts (2)
Shorts (3), Swim Suit (1), Jeans/pants (4)
Sweatshirts/ Hoodies (2)
Underwear (7) pairs of Socks (7)
Toiletries: Including deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, shaving items, hair brush, etc. MUST BE ALCOHOL-FREE

All items will be inspected upon intake at U-Turn for Christ Texas.

IMPORTANT: Cell phones will not be allowed at the facility and will be confiscated upon arrival if brought.  They will be issued back to the enrollee after completion of 1st Phase at the director’s discretion.  No phone calls are allowed while in 1st Phase other than emergencies and legal requirements which must be approved by the Director.  Men will be allowed one phone call home on each holiday.

Men will be allowed a cell phone while in 2nd Phase.  The ministry will be using Covenant Eyes to monitor ALL cell phone activity.  The use of social media of any kind (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.) will NOT BE ALLOWED while in the ministry.  Phones are subject to search and will be confiscated if rules are broken.