Walking In Newness

The Just Shall Live By Faith

We all live according to something, chasing after something.  There is an intended end to everything we do, whether we realize it or not.  Some are chasing after wealth, wanting to one day retire in a mansion on a beach somewhere.  Others are just trying to survive another day and chasing the next high.  Whatever we are striving for, if it is in this world, it will never satisfy us.  As society goes down this path, moral decay inevitably follows, and evil and violence rise more and more.

The men who come to U-Turn For Christ are getting out of this cycle.  As God begins to change our hearts through His Word, we begin to focus more on Him, chasing after the things of heaven instead of our old habits and behaviors.  It is so exciting to see the men go through this process as they discover more each day their new-found hope in Jesus Christ.

However, we still live in a fallen world plagued with sin and evil.  It is easy for us to let that get us down.  We wonder why God is allowing all these things to happen in our lives when we are trying to serve Him.  The prophet Habakkuk asked a similar question about his own people and why God would use Babylon to judge them.  God’s reply was:

“Behold the proud,
His soul is not upright in him;
But the just shall live by his faith.

– Habakkuk 2:4 NKJV

We have to relentlessly cling to the hope that one day God will take care of all the evil, pain, and suffering in this world.  We are not living for anything in this world or in this life.  We are going to be with Jesus, to see him face-to-face and to worship Him for all eternity.  In light of this eternal perspective, nothing else is really worth us pursuing or fretting over.

26th Annual U-Turn For Christ Pig Roast

Last month, we were blessed to send two of our guys out to Perris, CA for the 26th Annual Pig Roast and leadership conference at the headquarters of U-Turn For Christ.  The day was filled with teachings by U-Turn pastors from around the country going through Psalm 1.  Those who continue in a life of sin and the cycle of addiction are standing on shaky ground and will eventually be driven away with the wind.  But those who delight in and meditate on the Word of God are well established and flourish like a well nourished tree, standing on the solid foundation which is Christ.  There was also a lot of food, including, of course, pig!

The next day, all the leaders went down to Ensenada, MX for a leadership conference.  This was an awesome time of fellowship, encouragement, training, equipping, relaxation, and rejuvenation for everyone involved.  May God help us to use what we learned to grow U-Turn For Christ Texas in ways that please Him!

Opportunities To Get Involved

There is still a lot going on at U-Turn For Christ Texas.  God is restoring lives through the teaching of His Word and through fellowship among the brethren.  We have visited a lot of churches this year and look forward to having opportunities to serve with other churches in the coming months.  This month, we are helping with Fields of Faith, the Calvary Chapel Central Texas Men’s Retreat, and the Concho Valley Baptist Association annual meeting and ministry fair.  If your ministry has any events coming up and you could use some extra hands, we would love to help and be a blessing any way we can.

We would also like to invite you to come out to our ranch, located to just north of San Angelo, to see what projects we have going on and encourage the men in the program.  We are currently getting the ranch ready for winter, which includes wrapping all our plumbing, skirting our trailers, and moving into our new kitchen.  We are also rebuilding our tractor and need to set up three crosses, and plant some shrubs around the property.

We are excited to have more people getting involved in raising up disciples of Jesus Christ through this ministry.  If you would like to partner with us or have any events that we can serve at, please contact us at (325) 262-8845 or uturn@uturnsa.com.

Hope For Tomorrow

Perseverance, Character, Hope

So many people in the world are without hope.  We often go through life just living day-to-day, looking for our next fix just to get through the day, week, year, etc.  While we simply try to survive, we do not get anywhere in life.  This routine does have one advantage, it is relatively easy, but it is extremely dissatisfying.  One thing everyone needs to survive is hope; the way we get hope is through trials.

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Pressing Forward

New Sanctuary

Much progress has been made in finishing the interior of our sanctuary.  We have made a few repairs, floated and textured the drywall, and are currently in the finishing stage of painting the walls.  Carpet has been donated by our home church, Calvary Chapel San Angelo.  Our goal is to have it done by the end of the year so the men have a comfortable place to gather for Bible studies, fellowship and our Friday Night services.

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The Narrow Way

A Season of Pruning

Over the past few months, we have seen the Lord remove several men from our ministry, and very few added.  As of the beginning of September, on the ranch we only have one guy in first phase and our director, Michael Justis.  While it is difficult to see so many guys go, it is a sobering reminder that the ministry is not for everyone.  Jesus told us in the sermon on the mount:

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